Be Brave, stay calm, look for signs.

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Staying with our friends for a few days of skiing uncovered a great story from Gillian. Gillian is one of those people that embodies the idea of grace.

Skiing with her husband Lance and friends on the hill they both knew well she found herself separated from the group. As an able skier, she made her way into unknown territory.

The terrain became steeper and steeper and she had found herself too far to go up and no way to go down. Removing her skis and tumbling over logs and all alone she thought of her family saying. A mantra really passed down from generations of native lore.

Be Brave

Stay Calm

Look for Signs

As she took deep breaths to combat the anxiety rising in her chest, she kept up this mantra.

Be Brave

Stay Calm

Look for Signs

After what seemed like an eternity she looked up and there was a lone snowboarder.

“ Do you need some help?”

“ I am not really sure where we are.”

Together they made their way to safety.

Gillian is 70 years old. Her story can be a call to all who may be feeling lost. At times we may feel alone in this journey of life but if we tell ourselves to,

Be Brave

Stay Calm

Look for signs

I do believe we will find our way to safety.

Thank you Gillian for your story.

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