Counselling, education and support for menopausal women and their partners.

Individualized Menopause Consultations

Quality Care

One-on-one sessions to develop a strategic plan to improve your menopausal symptoms.   Clients complete comprehensive questionnaires and assessments to identify probable causes, followed with individualized options to improve your symptoms.  Work with each client involves designing a realistic and individualized treatment plan to reach the desired results.  Strategies always progress from least invasive (behavioural) and increase as needed (holistic) until desired results are achieved (pharmalogical) (in consultation with the client's GP or gynecologist).

Individualized Counselling Services

- Women or Men -

A Happier, Healthier You

Individual therapy is about self-discovery and having the space to figure out what isn't working and what's preventing you from living your life fully.  Are you feeling you are in a life stage transition that leaves you feeling frustrated, stressed or confused?  Are you struggling with anxiety, depression or mood fluctuations?  Let's work together to find ways to make the changes needed for discovering the calmer, grounded you. 

Couples Counselling

Here For You

Whether you are new to couples counselling or are seasoned veterans, working with an experienced therapist can be a beneficial experience for a struggling or distant relationship. Sessions provide a non-judgmental space where feelings and honest communication are fostered. Both partners are asked to engage in honest self-reflection to effort to understand their role (physical, emotional, sexual) in the relationship dynamic. By gaining a greater understanding of self and partner's needs, wants and desires, there creates the opportunity for a deeper more fulfilling relationship.

Education Workshops

Scheduled sessions

These two hour classes will cover  specific topics.  Classes will include

education and discussion on menopause related subjects such as:

- Sex and libido

- Vaginal changes

- Relationship challenges

- Treatment options

Watch for announcements noting times and venues for these classes on the home page.​

Women's Menopause Discussion Group 

Open Drop-in Group Session

One priority of Navigating Menopause is to offer drop-in groups for women which foster open dialogue with their peers about what is happening in their lives.  The group facilitator starts each week with a topic area, however natural group dynamics allow for deep discussion, sharing and learning from one another. Although these groups are drop-in, there is an agreed upon understanding the discussions are confidential and when leaving group, preserving discussion content and members privacy are expected.

Men's Discussion Group

Open Drop-in Group Session

The men’s discussions groups are an integral aspect of Navigating Menopause's shared learning space.  Men are often confused and sometimes even fearful of what is happening with their partner.  Unlike women, men often lack intimate friendship networks which help them work through their concerns.  For this reason, Navigating Menopause strives to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment where men can freely ask any question (menopause, intimacy, their relationship, etc.) in hopes of hearing how other men come to a resolution in their relationships. 

These drop-in groups begin with an educational topic area (5-10 minutes) and allow the remainder of the 2 hours for participants to share their insights on wherever the conversation leads.


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