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A space where women can come together in a safe and supportive environment to learn what to expect and how to best navigate peri-menopause, menopause and beyond. 

Our Story 

Sharing knowledge for informed decision making.

Navigating Menopause came into being as it became apparent there was a huge lack of factual knowledge surrounding women's menopause transition.  In a world full of instant google searches and proliferation of social media posts, it is daunting to delineate fact from fiction.  In addition, our health care professionals do not have enough time to discuss all the potential changes, nor are they always using the most up-to-date peer reviewed data or newest treatment protocols with their female patients.  These challenges can result in women feeling alone and confused in their personal journey of changing bodies, questioning thoughts and swirling feelings. 


Alas, the dream of creating a space where women come together in a safe and supportive environment to learn what to expect, what is normal and when it is time to seek medical intervention.  The information shared at Navigating Menopause is based on the most current North American Menopause Society's (NAMS) latest medical research and it is coupled with Robin's years of interpersonal counselling experience and facilitation of group wellness work. 


By providing this opportunity of shared learning, women become equipped to discuss their concerns with their health care practitioner so together they decide next steps and which, if any, treatment option is best suited for their individual needs.


The hope is to provide an all inclusive, safe space for women (and men) to learn and embrace their maturing bodies to ensure their second half century is their best!

Clinic Hours

CLINIC HOURS - 8 AM - 4 PM Monday, Wednesday and Friday 

MENOPAUSE WORKSHOPS - Various.  See booking page.

MEN'S GROUP - 6:30 PM weekly on Wednesdays  Upcoming

COUPLES DATE NIGHT - Friday evenings - Once a month. 


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